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Riyi customer acceptance site: precision 5T electric servo press equipment

Riyi electric servo press has passed the on-site inspection and acceptance and is ready for shipment!
 Features of Riyi electric servo press:
1. Riyi electric servo press adopts C-type body design, compact structure, small occupied space and convenient operation
2. The power is provided by the servo electric cylinder, with stable pressure and fast response speed.
3. The displacement and pressure of up and down movement are controlled by closed loop, with extremely high precision and repeated positioning accuracy of + / - 0.02mm
4. Riyi electric servo press has two pressing modes of position and pressure for customers to choose.
5. Riyi servo press adopts screw drive, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also has no pollution of oil pressure system.
6. It can display the actual curve, clearly observe the displacement and pressure of the corresponding points of the press fitting curve by moving the coordinates, arbitrarily set the required product pressure and displacement range, and carry out multi-point pressure displacement monitoring. The alarm mode has two detection modes: point and window. Customers can select the alarm mode according to different products for online alarm to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the next process.Multiple sets of press fitting process parameters can be stored. Customers only need to call the corresponding parameters when replacing products, which is convenient and fast to improve production efficiency.
7. The servo motor adopts drive control integrated control mode. The motor has faster response speed and accurate control.