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Good start

 Yuhuan Fangbo Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in all kinds of precision CNC hydraulic press, automatic multi station equipment, rotary table punch, servo press, servo hydraulic press, gas-liquid booster, pneumatic press, rotary riveting machine, riveting machine, pipe shrinking machine, hydraulic punch, hydraulic stretching machine, push molding machine, gluing machine, automatic welding machine, gearbox pad selection machine, differential tightening machine Gear shaft assembly fixture, robot tightening machine, truck gearbox tray, shell integrated press, urea nozzle assembly line, tractor bridge loading test bench, fire truck boom test bench, wiper motor press assembly, heavy truck gearbox assembly line, automatic pipe bender, swing arm assembly line, water pump assembly line, tensioner assembly line, drive plate assembly line, drive plate detection and leveling machine Automatic gear assembly, automatic riveting detection equipment for sliding shoe plunger, piston rod assembly equipment, piston rod nut tightening machine, double-sided buckle forming machine for piston rod, pre pressing and rotary riveting machine for oil throwing pan mobile worktable, tension wheel durability tester, solder joint tester, automatic torsion tester, pulley bearing testing equipment, gearbox dial fatigue tester, powder applicator, slide machine It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and technical services of flake binding machine, automatic plate loading machine for kiln, integrated machine for stamping, powder dressing and plate swinging, testing and testing bench, various non-standard equipment, automatic assembly and testing production line and finishing center.